Fly of the Month

Korn & Wiese Chernobyl Hopper


Hook Hook: MFCo. 7026 2xl nymph 8-10
Thread Red 6/0 Uni
Under Body pink craft foam
Over Body tan craft foam

natural deer hair

Indicator orange craft foam

Tying Instructions

At the end of the Montana fishing season last year Wally, our head guide at Parks Fly Shop and I sat down at our fly tying stations and came up with this new hopper pattern. The key new feature on the proto-type pictured is the wrapped foam underbody abdomen. Pink was our hot color and we wanted the ability to customize the abdomen colors on our hoppers. This is basically Wally's GFA hopper with a wrapped underbody. It's a bit tricky to tie as we don't want any more than one set of thread wraps in the abdomen area. I'm tying hundreds of these hoppers for the shop in different sizes and various colors. I can't wait for hopper season in Yellowstone, it's a blast fishing these big flies when your used to fishing tiny trico's here in NY.... Go tie some!