Fly of the Month

Korns Oatka Stonefly


Hook MFC #7000 dry fly std. #12-16
Thread Uni 8/0 brown
Body & Tail Turkey tail feather 8-10 vanes
Wing & Legs 2 black CDC feathers

hen grizzly

Tying Instructions

Tail & body: Turkey tail feather 8-10 vanes, tied in at bend to form short tails. Then wrapped forward over superglue to form body to one eye length behind hook eye.
Wings & legs: 2 black CDC feathers, tied flat, shank length plus gap of hook. Feather butts are folded back on each side to form head and legs. Butts trimmed to 2/3rd of the body length on each side. These act as legs and out-riggers. Whip finish behind the head.
Over-wing: hen grizzly, vanes pulled back and tied in behind head.
Note: Superglue over-wing at whip finish.