Fly of the Month

Korns Spent Wing Caddis


Hook MFCo. #7000 Dry 14-18
Thread Serafil 200
Body DK#12 Caddis Tan dubbing split thread and spun
Rib tag end of thread

Palmered ginger rooster neck.

Wing 2 hen pheasant wing or neck feathers

Tying Instructions

1. Start thread at eye, wrap thread base to bend of hook, leave tag end for rib.
2. Split thread, dub and spin, form tight dubbing noodle, wind forward to form body.
3. Tie in hackle 1 eye length behind eye, palmer front to back.
4. Trap hackle at bend with the tag end of the thread, wrap through hackle and tie off at eye, clip hackle short on top..
5. Prepare 2 pheasant wing or neck feathers, tied in flat one on top of the other, 1 gap length longer than hook, tied behind eye then folded over to form head and wrapped and whip finished. Varnish head, clipped “^” out of center, bottom hackle.